Monday, October 30, 2017

The Questions Need to be Asked

Across the water, in Burien,
a page from my sketch book

people received flyers falsly claiming certain immigrents have criminal records as gang members, rapists and murderers. The flyer named names and gave addresses. King County Sheriff John Urquhart looked into this and found false allegations, and that people listed often no longer lived at those addresses.

This flyer was put out by "Respect Washington", and, according to Dow Constantine, was funded by a hate group in Michigan. It's purpose appears to be to scare people into voting for people the flyers states are against Burien's status as a sanctuary city. It's result could be more sinister, as it appears to encourage vigilante acts against innocent people.

The Questions Need to be Asked

  • How will we respond if or when our island is attacked in a similar way? Hate groups have been targeting liberal cities and places. Think Charlottesville and Berkerly.

  • How can we be proactive to prepare for such an event?

  • And how, given that there are groups activily spreading hate and lies, can we be at least equally active in spreading truth and compassion?

Dear friends, your comments and ideas are welcome here.

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