Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#35 on the Studio Tour

Oh, man! I've so much to do and so little time. I need to put the watercolor painting tips on hold until next week. So sorry!

Today, the 4 of us artists and 2 friends sat down to plan how we would get the old Grange Hall ready for our show opening on December 5.

You've heard the term "herding cats"? Well, that's us! Of course it was very interesting learning about Will's experience in New York, and what George will charge to replace the roof, and why we are #35 instead of our usual #1.

Not very time efficient, though.

And those last minute changes about how we will use the space....my brain ached!

Still, the camaraderie that develops as we work together is priceless!

Thank you to Will for getting us motivated and for doing so much of the grunt work!

Thank you to Rifaat and Paul for pitching in to do those "guy things"--pounding nails, hefting heavy boards,  using noisy equipment.

Thank you to Marcia for quickly cleaning very grody spots.

Thank you to Valerie for mapping where we would put the signs.

Artists showing at #35 on the Vashon Island Studio Tour:

Will Forester: watercolors, oils
Marcia McKinsky: watercolor batiques
Suzanna Leigh: hand painted silks
Valerie Roberts: abstracts

Also appearing
All Things Rich: artisan spices and blends
Jasper Forester: products from Green Man Farm

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