Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If you are going to China....

Butterfly Lovers, painting on silkby me
If you plan on going to Hangzhou, China--or if you are only dreaming of it, or you like folk tales, I  highly recommend  Tales of West Lake by Izabella Horvath. I picked up this little book in Hangzhou. There are 22 folk stories, each referring to a location around Hangzhou, and with directions how to get to that location. One of the stories is Butterfly Lovers, a very popular story in China.
Here is a piece from my book soon to be published, Stories on Silk; a Peek into China 
Journal entry
August 8
We spent the afternoon in deep conversation with Yang Jian Hua and other Chinese friends, visiting a beautiful garden park that once belonged to a courtier of Kubla Khan, and ended the day with a long delicious meal in a private room in a local restaurant. It was a meeting of the “Speaking English Club”. Steve’s Chinese friends call him Lao Wan Tang, which translates to “the ancient child”. I enjoyed the conversation that slipped effortlessly between English and Chinese. It didn’t bother me that I understand no Chinese, as I like the sound of the language and because the tone of the conversation was companionable and jovial no matter what language was being spoken.

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