Monday, January 12, 2015

Process: Painting "She Walks on Water to Reach the Castle of Her Dreams"

....or just "Walking on Water".
I started by journaling about the concept for this painting. Remembering how it felt to hold my vision of creating a show for local television around my little picture book Atom's Monster-- and to move toward that vision in faith, ignoring the fears and doubts that swam under the surface of my mind.

Then I looked through thousands of my photos for images of water, esp of under water, and anything else that I might use as a reference. I printed out about a dozen.

What next?

I tried to sketch the composition of the painting. Oh man, its been too long since I held a pencil! I can't draw anymore!

Five sketches later...... I still can't draw, but.....well, it's a little better! Not good enough to show you, though.

Time to clean the studio for awhile. Time to put away hand made xmas cards and wrapping paper. Hope I remember where they are to use next year!

In the process I found a piece of silk I might use for this painting--or for part of it?

Tomorrow I'll sketch again.

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