Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recovering from StashFest--and Beyond!

my space at StashFest
StashFest was fabulous! I sold more on Saturday than I have ever sold in one day, and on Sunday I did about 3x better than I expected. And I still have LOTS of inventory, so I can focus on marketing for the next bit of time. The last two pieces of silk yardage I painted sold right away--I must be getting the hang of it. I sold lots of fat quarters, some 1/2 yard pieces, and scarves--some painted and some dyed with natural dyes.

It was really wonderful to see friends who came especially to see my work! Thank you dear hearts!

Bellingham Bay from Munajat and Peppi's house
It was especially wonderful to spend Friday and Saturday evenings with friends in Bellingham, getting to know them better, sharing deeply. Munajat and Peppi have a wonderful view of Bellingham Bay, and Munajat is a splendid cook besides. Thank you, Munajat and Peppi!

It has taken me nearly a month to recover. OK, so there were some extenuating circumstances; my huzzlebunny went into surgery 2 days after I got back, I had a full weekend of commitments the following week, and I came down with walking pnuemonia!

Recovering now, I am at last ready for the next big thing: Spring Art Studio Tour on Vashon Island. I am joining 6 other artists at the Vashon Grange Hall. We are Number One on the Studio Tour list!

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