Monday, April 15, 2013

Standing in the Gap

copyright suzanna leigh 2009
The ducks are gone. In December --and for years-- there have been 200 or more at Tramp Harbor where I
do Qi Gung in the mornings. For months now there have been only about 35, although it is the season when the ducks come in their highest numbers.

The shellfish are dwindling. Clams and oysters, once so abundant in the Puget Sound, are not reproducing.

Where is the heron that once fished at the tide's edge?

I feel grief for a world unraveling. For the innocent dying, innocent people victims of war, innocent birds, victims of a changing climate.

and yet

copyright suzanna leigh 2013
I am happy--Joyous even--in my personal life. I create beauty in my studio. I breathe good clean air at the beach and in my own back yard. I dance with friends. I swim with my grand daughter.

copyright suzanna leigh 2013
And I am in Love.

Grief and Joy in the same cup.

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