Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Monster's Got Me! Working on My Vision and Mission Statements.

The Monster
I'm shaking and scared inside, though from the outside it looks more like I'm comatose. My brain feels dead and all I want to do is sit. The Monster Fear has got me!

Day after tomorrow, we start the "doing" stage of the ecourse "Hello Soul Hello Business". After 4 weeks of dreaming, thinking, journaling, digging deep inside to discover the soul reasons I want to develop my business as an artist, I am about to learn how to make it really happen. Fifty years of dreaming, of yearning to create art and have that bring in an income, and now, at last, I will learn how to really make it happen! 

I just saw the movie I Am, and it really helped me to claim my mission and my vision, by showing scientific proof that we ARE all connected, that our emotions DO affect other people and change the world around us—even bacteria! Have you ever been in a room when a fight was about to start and someone walked in and suddenly peace broke out? Have you ever known anyone who really brings out the best in everyone they meet? I want to be that person.

Today I was finally able to write my Mission and Vision statements: 

My Mission: To change the world by sharing my Joy; to awaken Deep Joy in other hearts.

My Vision: I will awaken Deep Joy in the hearts of everyone I am in contact with, through my images, my stories, my teachings, and with every interaction.

What my Vision will look like:
My studio welcomes visitors with tea and calm.
My images are joyful, and available in one form or another to people of all income levels. Editions of my work sell out immediately.
My classes fill and have waiting lists.
I am in demand as a speaker.
My stories are published in many formats: books, pamphlets, videos, movies to name a few. Puppet shows.
People feel honored, enlivened, joyful, and wiser when touched by my work.

My tag line—inspired by an exercise we did on corporate culture—is “Come Fly with me on Wings of Joy!”.  

It's a tall order. No wonder I'm scared!

I love the poem on fear from Sarah Marie Lacey, Moving with the Fear.

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