Saturday, October 29, 2011

Journaling for wealth and health

I started journaling years ago, when I lived in the desert, struggling to raise my sons while remaining true to my vision. We lived in a shack which eventually had running water and an indoor toilet (the septic tank was an old refrigerator).  With three sons, their father, his brother, and two of their male friends --none of whom had jobs--I was very much outnumbered!. Even the cat was male! I decided that someday I would have my own home near the water in a place with trees.

Has journaling helped me to live the life of my dreams?

Yes. Before my sons were grown, I had my own home less than a block from beach on Puget Sound. I met and married my soul mate, joined an artists co-op ( a print studio), and began to show my art work publicly. Along the way, I finished college, wrote and illustrated a children's book, and got a "real" job, teaching children with special needs.

Atom's Monster is available from:
Twice Sold Tales on line
I still journal, and I still have dreams I am working on. Journalling helps me to clarify my thoughts, to think through my goals,  and to stay focused. It helps me to work through mental blocks and obstacles that at first seem insurmountable. Journaling helps because, as MacIver of Heron Dance says, there is

the need in this fast-paced world for each of us to get away from the day to day chatter and distractions that dominate our surface mind and travel deep inside the long term trends and potentials of our lives. 

Here are some ways journaling helps create mental health, according to Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D.:

  •  Journaling will give you an outlet for pent-up emotions as youdeal with day-to-day life issues
  • Journaling will allow you to dream as you give your ideas a name while moving toward success
  • Journaling will allow you to gain insight with a clearer vision of issues you've gone through during daily blunders and mishaps
  • Journaling will allow you to remain honest with yourself as you sort things out in privacy, while becoming renewed and changed
Do you journal? What are some ways you clear your mind and focus your thoughts?

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  1. Suzanne,

    I also have been journaling most of my life, and have seen the magic it can bring.

    The journey you shared is very inspirational. I took a peeked into your past postings and just LOVE your scarves.

    May light shine from your heart during the winter months.