Monday, September 5, 2011

Dance in Ecstasy

A sweet friend gave me this card for my
I wish I knew the artist of this lovely card! This image expresses the joy I want you to know, the joy that sings in my soul so often these days, as I spend more time in my studio and find more ways to bring my own images to you.

This isn't about ignoring the painful bits, stuffing them inside and pretending they don't exist. This is about acknowledging the pain,  and being able to step out of it. It's about opening the window to the beauty of the world, and allowing that into our deepest selves. It's about allowing ourselves to experience moments of pure joy  and to be healed by them, to experience ecstasy.

Michael Meade says, "Even a little ecstasy can provide a sense of liberation that renews both the body and the soul."

What makes your soul sing out in joy? How do you allow yourself to access and express this joy, this ecstasy?

1 comment:

  1. for me it is COLOUR!!!Rich, intense, glorious colour. It feeds my soul and fills me with excitement!