Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Soul Flies Away

A soul flies into the night
And we do not know, we do not know...
Free at last of the body's decaying
Where did he go, where did he go?

This is my first art since my dad went into the hospital a week ago. He died last Friday. I'm trying to let the emotions rise, to allow the grief, the emptiness, to express and to be. To acknowledge the anger and to treasure his blessings.


  1. I lost my mom so I know how it feels to lose a parent. It looks like your poured out all your raw emotions into this picture. I love the beautiful vibrant colors and textures. Take care.

  2. Suzanna, I just read your post, I am so sorry. Grieving is a long and painful process, but art helps, as you already know. A big, big hug from someone who is just a little bit ahead of you on this journey towards acceptance.