Thursday, January 21, 2010

Save the Dates!

The Vashon Tea Shop
Presents silk paintings by Suzanna Leigh, based on her experience in China and the Chinese folk tales and poetry she learned there.

Sunday, February 21st, 3pm
Presenting photos and discussion.
Chinese New Year’s treat and Dragon Well tea
$10. Limited seating.

Traveling with Xiao Ning gave me the opportunity to hear her stories of the cultural revolution, and family stories from that time and before. I met her sister, Li Xiao Yen, and her parents. Li Xiao Yen was a communist party chairman before she retired. Xiao Ning’s father was on the Long March, and her mother is a descendant of the Qing dynasty. Wonderful people, all.

My vision for this time is that some in the audience will have been to China and will contribute to the discussion, so that we all can develop a better understanding of the people and culture of this great nation—and perhaps of ourselves as well.

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